Why was he smiling?.....?

So I was just standing and when I looked to my right side I saw the guy I like walking towards my direction. I became nervous and so I walked off to my friend but not like a fast walk or anything and started touching my water bottle out of nerves. I think he noticed and so he had a big open smile and a laugh came out like a "aha" and just kept smiling openly. He also knows I like him but not because I told him but the way I react and people have told him. Why was he smiling and where did that small laughter came from? Also it was like a huge smile, like a genuine smile. And the laugh wasn't like "ahahah" like making fun of me or anything, is as if he was smiling openly and a laughter just came out like a "aha" and then he just kept walking smilingly.


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  • he might have thought it was cute that you were nervous