Being perfect for him?

I'm dating this really sweet and wonderful guy. He's attentive and handsome and just I look at him and I know he'll do anything to make a woman happy.

Like I'm overweight, working on it though, but he doesn't care. Or if he does he doesn't show it. He has full confidence in me. Supports me with my diet. Like he hates that I cook for him but can't eat any. He feels bad or something.

When we have sex it's his mission to make me come as much as possible. Last night he made me come 6 times and then we went to sleep. He didn't come at all, he said the night was about me.

He'd rather just cuddle with me then have sex.

He tells me how natural it feels to hang out with me, to kiss and be silly and talk. He does the sweetest things. Like I'm brushing my hair in my room and he walks in, just to give me a passionate kiss. Or I'm filling up a bottle of water and he comes up from behind me and hugs me. We sit on the grass and he brushes through my hair.

But he says he wants to take it slow. Date first. Not rush into a relationship. And I understand this. I really do. I even agree. (Although I'd be so happy if he'd ask me to be his girl!)'

I just want to be the perfect girl for him. What kind of things do guys like when their dating? He's coming over Monday.

I'm making him a ceasar salad(he loves it he says) with white wine. Lighting candles in my room. Wear a cute black dress and dress up a bit 50ties style.

What else are things men like when dating? What are do's or don'ts? We're both 20 btw... So help?


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  • if he's as crazy about you as you say he is then he'll be happy with whatever you do.

    Kind of a generic answer but its true, at least for me. I'd rather eat a big steak then a salad, but maybe he loves salad?

    Maybe watch a kick ass movie he likes and pretend that your really into it.


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