Supposed to have a date tomorrow but have not heard from the guy?

Ok, I would really appreciate guys and girls input on this one. Here's the deal:

-met him on match

-he messaged me often 2+ times per day

-then he said his membership was about to expire so we moved on to emailing

-this went well for about a week (date planned for Sunday at church NO TIME SET

- I emailed him back Wednesday casually after he asked me fun questions: incl. he wanted my number to which I said maybe I would give it to him Sunday TOMORROW.

HAVE NOT HEARD FROM HIM SINCE Wednesday but his match says he's been active... so ya... I guess it didn't expire yet, even though he said it would

Our date is supposed to be tomorrow, again, there is no time set.

Do I email him and ask if we are still on?


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  • There wouldn't be anything wrong with that. Just say, "hey I was just wanting to confirm that we are still on for tomorrow and what time? Let me know!" Simple, to the point, not needy, just fine.

    • good advice I took it thank you... unfortunately no response 6 hours later. Now, I am new to this online dating thing but isn't that seriously f'ed up?

    • Yes that's odd, but something may have come up. Has he done anything like this before? Nothing to do now but let him get a hold of you, then you should be able to figure out his intentions

    • you're right.. Still pissed... but thanks

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  • If I were you I wouldn't, just not me, but if you're really interested, then yeah give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

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