Guys why would you erased texts from female friends? If you have a girlfriend??

I have been in a relationship for almost a year, I come to find emotionally texts erased by my boyfriend only from one specific female friend.. Since he deleted them and the calls from the calllog.. I talk to him about it, and he said he always deletes texts, and that he only appreciates her like a friend and nothing else. I send her a FB request and no answer. I made it clear to him I have send a male friend, nor him to saying " I been thinking about you." " really, I am glad me too."... I also stated to him I have no reason to erased calls or texts from any of my male friends. Can some help I am just trying to decided if, he might feel something more for her. Any advice or recommendations ... Please

I meant to say, I made it clear to my Boyfriend that I and my male friends have never sent texts to each other like I been thinking about you, really, yes, I am so glad, did you try calling me, yes, ih Ian sorry I was not home. Nir erasec calls, because I have nothing to hide.


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  • he sounds like he's going to cheat or she's more than a friend

    • I personaly feel, he feels more for her, but she is another country El Salvador. He called me earlier today to tell me for anniversary which is just around the corner July 25, that he would like us to get an account together with sprint, new phones, and numbers. Instead, of celebrating our year anniversary for the weekend @ the Hyatt Residency... Thanks much I really I appreciate it... what I felt at the time of the incident was that maybe he is just with me, because he needs company.

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  • cause we don't wanna make you jealous

    • Thanks, I will keep in mind.

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  • Jealously has little to do with it like the guy said , It's more as he wants to hide their discussions so you can't see it.

    • Thanks!

      I appreciate it! I will keep it in mind.