Have you ever done online dating?

I'm really new to this. I put up a few profiles on some websites last night. Haven't checked them yet but I'm just having some questions on the world of online dating.

First of all, is it OK for me as a woman to message a man if I find his profile interesting? Do men like that?

Also what kind of pics should I put up? I've been thinking of concealing my face because I don't know who is viewing these profiles, but would that be a deterrent to guys? You can see most of my face but I put the bar over my eyes. I'd send unedited pics to a guy once I've chatted with him enough

What should I say in my profile to attract the right kind of suitor?


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  • The only type of guys on online dating are losers, middle-aged, perverts or a RARE decent guy. The reason being because people turn to online dating if they aren't able to date like a normal person. That being sad, they will rely heavily on your physical appearance so show full body pictures to show them which kind of figure you have and the e-mails will come flying in. If you want a decent guy, in your profile description, you should write something that the person can talk / ask about so that, if they do, you know they've taken the time to read about you.


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  • once...she looked nothing like her picture, it was awful...

  • It'd be surprising for you to message a man as it's usually the other way around from what I've seen. That's not a bad thing however, just surprising for the guy. As far as pictures, I think you'll want to show your face or it'll be much tougher to get interest, though you could block your eyes if that makes you more comfortable.

    Your profile should describe yourself and portray some of your important interests and little quirks that make you you. Feel free to lay down what you're looking for in terms of a relationship as well (potential long tern, just looking for friends or fun, so on and so on). Good luck.


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