Why did he suddenly cut contact?

This guy and I have been seeing each other for over a month. We aren't exclusive but we're casual. He texts me every single day. We hang out all the time. But the other night, I jokingly "dapped" him out instead of kissing him when he left. Then he texted me and I said JOKINGLY that I would take my lips where they are more appreciated. I mean the whole conversation was playful. Then the next day he didn't text me all day until LATE that night when he had been drinking. Today he didn't text me at all, I finally said something and he was really short with me. Why is he being like this? Also, he has a lot of girls interested in him, I think.


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  • Next guy you get with, stop playing games.

    Seriously, we men can be sensitive about things like that. When a woman we are close with physically starts to push us away, you may think it is being funny. We will start to question things, and all the little things that you have done in the past. Start to add up, and they can add up wrong. He may have simply added things up, and figured that you were getting ready to dump him and he is bailing to avoid the break up game.

    As a guy, every break up starts with a girl not kissing you good night or not sitting near you etc. When a female starts avoiding contact, we do not take it as a joke. We see it as the start of the begging of the end.

    • Exactly, couldn't of said it better myself. We make all this effort and then we get the games thrown at us. You can "act" even be busy without playing games.

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  • Big dilemma, indeed...

    I think it's all about finding the right balance between playing it hard to get, to get some respect and reward not to lose :)

    Iäm sure my message doesn't help but I understand you.

  • I think you should ask him what's going on.

    • Absolutely Not!

      Nothing more ennoying than a girl who worries after one day without message.

    • Man I message my girl every day. But our relationship is serious so...

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