Boyfriend wants to talk?

So my boyfriend is in the Navy, he just left for a 3 week sail.

We've been together for over a year.

We were emailing back and forth today and he mentioned how he was thinking of things because there wasn't much else to do on the boat.

I asked him if it was about us or if I had done anything wrong?

He said that I hadn't done anything wrong. So, I asked if it was about us then.

He then wrote back:

"We should talk about where things are going and what not though =P

But ya, as far as I know we're fine"

What do I do?! What do I think?!


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  • If he says you two are fine then I'm assuming he means it,by the sounds of it he wants to know where you two are at,maybe he wants to talk about your future together and where you see yourselves,maybe he wants to step up your relationship,it doesn't sound like he wants to break up!

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