Any meaning behind what he said?

I met this guy in class a couple of months ago, he started texting me and we've hung out a few times since. I've gotten a vibe that he might be interested but he's never asked me out on an official date before

So yesterday he called me and said we should go for lunch after he gets a massage. When we meet up, I asked how his massage was. He said "it was good, I had an erotic massage". I laughed and said "niiice". Then he also laughs and tells me it was actually for his bad back lol

So I'm new to this dating/relationship stuff. Does this seem like friendzoning behavior to make these comments? Is he trying to flirt? He's being friendly? He's starting to feel comfortable around me? he's just being a guy? What does this mean?


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  • Just being normal ofcourse he likes you or why would he come out for a lunch


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