Why was he smiling? I dunno.....?

..So I was just standing and when I looked to my right side I saw the guy I like walking towards my direction. I became nervous and so I walked off to my friend but not like a fast walk or anything and started touching my water bottle out of nerves. I think he noticed and so he had a big open smile and a laugh came out like a "aha" and just kept smiling openly. He also knows I like him but not because I told him but the way I react and people have told him. Why was he smiling and where did that small laughter came from? Also it was like a huge smile, like a genuine smile. And the laugh wasn't like "ahahah" like making fun of me or anything, is as if he was smiling openly and a laughter just came out like a "aha" and then he just kept walking smilingly.


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  • It was all laughter. He noticed that you became nervous in his presence due to your feelings for him. You probably made his day and that's why he laughed and smiled wholeheartedly. Though, it has become apparent to me that you've asked this question in hopes of the laugh being him liking you back.

    • I don't know why he's laughing for because he gets all tense when I'm around him as well. He also works as a security guard at my college. Last time my friend was doing a whole lot of commotion because the vending machien wouldn't drop the ice creama nd stood ther eliek 7 minutes and nall I can do is laugh. With all that commotion he should have atleats turned to check out what;s going on. He didn't even tilt.

  • It doesn't necessarily mean he likes you.There's been many times l could tell a girl liked me a little or someone elsee by her behavior and it sometimes makes me laugh. Its kind of a turn off to the girl tho l would imagine but its funny to watch. If you can pick up on what guys do you might laugh too when you see it. People watching is actually pretty fun.


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