Should I be mad at him??Also what does this mean??

Ok so me and this guy have been best friends for a long time and today I texted him hi and he was saying all of this bad stuff to me and the next day I found out that it was my crush who took his phone and texted me with it and my crush and I have a long story we liked always stare at each other and stuff but he would never ask me out and we always made eye contact and stuff but anyways when I texted him hi they were hainging out and and he asked my friend can I say something and he said sure and he texted all that mean stuff...and then when I texted him f*** you he said why would you say that...and then that's when he stopped texting me and then the next day me and my friend got in a huge fight in text I said why did you let him see the phone blah blah blah and then we were just being mean to each other then we were talking about my crush and I said did you tell him I don't even like him anymore and he said yes and he said he never did like you witch does not make scence on bit and I said (my friends name) you always caught him staring at me and he said yeah at me and then I said wow is this (my crushes name) and he said no he is not even with me and then I said then why did you say that and he said to trick you,and then the fight went on and on and on...should I be mad at my friend for lettinh him text me that and what was my crushes point of doing that does he like me or what please help thank you!


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  • So you're saying that it was your friend all along? And your crush wasn't even there with him? Like your crush didn't even text you these mean stuff?

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