Wondering what does take it slow really mean?

I like this guy. We hung out a couple times and OK we did the deed lol. Nothing has changed...we still text almost every day. I used to initiate most of the text but he finally initiated one. I really don't believe in horoscopes but they say Cancer men take time to warm up or open up to their loved one. I like how it is going and we only have known each other for almost 2 months. Do you consider 6 months time to be thinking about the next level ...relationship? We plan on hanging out more and I feel that we may mesh if we get to know each other more. I just want him to get to a point where he can open up more...he is challenging lol


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  • Not really into astrology, myself... but I do see one prognosticating point in your question, and it goes like this: "We hung out a couple times and OK we did the deed lol." you can pretty safely predict, he has relagated you to the fwb/bootycall/not girlfriend material bin. By hooking up early on, you bypassed at least 9 or 10 levels that would have created groundwork for you both. Now it's just pleasantly awkward--and not in a good way. There is nothing left for him to chase (yes, I know this is unfair since he is guilty of the same thing). Still, regardless of what we think about the way men think--this is the way men think (Cancer or not). Additionally, in this age bracket the guy is pretty set in his thinking about women.

    Of course, this may be an anomaly, and he is actually contemplating taking the relationship to the next level over a 6-7 mos period. But I wouldn't hold out for this one. I'd take a step back, to gage his level of interest. See whether (of his own accord, no prodding, txts, emails, calls) whether he tries to resume the relationship. If he doesn't, he's probably just checked out, and is currently on the prowl again.

    • Thanks I will keep that in mind. I see what you are saying. I have been in relationships where guys didn't really have it all together and I was open. We met online and chat and hung out many times before we got to that point. Before I begun to chat with him I checked out his profile and we are on the same level. He is 29 and ready to settle down with someone is what his profile said. After we did the "deed" I went a couple days without texting and he text first. I'm still being careful.