Should I still go to Florida to see my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend were supposed to spend the summer together, but something came up and now we have to wait until October to see each other again (I last saw her during Fall break, New Years, and Spring Break). My aunt keeps telling me It's not worth it that I have a mental problem if I go without talking to her parents (I already have so many times) My aunt says she already knows my girlfriend is disrespectful but my aunt doesn't even know my girlfriend (judging a book by It's cover). Last time I checked I was 22 year old grown ass man I want to go to Florida not only to see my girlfriend but get away from my aunt as well I live in Illinois should I go because my girlfriend said I can come around October 15


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  • Bonnard?

    • No It's his friend

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    • Well think what you want he deleted his account and this one is mine

    • Alright then. Then to answer your (his) question, no, you shouldn't go to Florida. You think you want to break up with your girlfriend and claim you love her. Those two things cannot exist in the same person. If you are even entertaining for a moment breaking up with her, you clearly don't love her. Break up with her and let her find a man who deserves her.

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