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GUYS: How come you suddenly don't text back?

So there's this guy I like, and back in January I'm sure he liked me, but then he became convinced I like someone else and I think he sorta gave up on me. But since we've had a lot of great convos since. He works all the time and also does a lot with music, and now he's graduated from high school so our only form of communication is texting. I don't text him that often, but I want to know why sometimes he'll respond RIGHT away (even if he's writing a song or something) and others he just won't ever respond. And why sometimes he uses smilies in every text and asks about my day and other times doesn't use any or ask about me.

I mean, if you liked a girl and she texted you, wouldn't you always respond and use smilies and ask about her day?
GUYS: How come you suddenly don't text back?
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