The talk of texting :\ how to do it?

I've never been the type of girl that flirts with guys via text or just simply flirting because I'm shy and don't know how to NOT be boring all the time. (Sad) I recently started talking with this guy and I took it slow since everyone always says I ask for their number first. This time the guy asked for my number and he is a really nice guy and is cute. He even texts me first mostly always. He also asked to call me first too well actually we sent the same message about talking on the phone at the exact time (Aww) I want to know how to text him without just being a boring "hey.whats up . how are you" conversation like in the past with others..

1..If he stops replying am I suppose to wait or text him after a hour or a amount of time to remind him?

2. How do I make the conversations more exciting and less the typical message between people?

3.Should I text him first or wait?

4. He says that I sound and act EXACTLY like his best friend in the world and I DON'T WANT THAT! How do I make myself be unique instead of getting stuck in that frienzone?

ALSO! Is it okay if I ask to talk on the phone first? What do I talk bout on the phone? I don't want to sound boring and weird though. I know we both like anime?


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  • Mirror his conversations but add a little more to it until you are comfortable doing your own thing.

    • Thanks but do I text him first or wait for him to text me first? If he doesn't answer do I send him another message?

    • Ask him about his likes and dislikes, favorite movies, sports, food, holidays.

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