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I am currently working second shift and do not have that much time to attend typical social gatherings, because my shift runs through the primary times, and I don't really feel like going out on my days off, because I feel its a waste of a day. So I decided to try online "dating" more of a matchmaking websites. I sent some in my opinion, catchy messages and haven't heard back from anyone. Is there a way to catch a women's eye on this or are these online dating places just a pipe dream, which I suspected they were in the first place


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  • The best advice I can think of is to put some thought into your first messages. Don't just find a bunch of girls who have good pictures and copy & paste the same message to all of them (I can tell a lot of guys do that). You'll have the most luck if you let her know you actually read her profile. Include one or two details you liked about her or thought were interesting. For example "It's awesome how you love to go hiking; where do you like to do that?" or "I see you're into video games... that's really hot." You get the picture. Good luck!

  • I have no really experience with it myself but I have a few female friends who don't really like to go out to clubs or bars to meet men (and some of them are really picky to be honest) who tried it and met a few really cool people.

    From what I heard it really mostly about if they like your picture and the things you write in your profil they will answer your massage... it doesn't even have to be something super clever. My friend said she wrote back to those who made the first massage short and made clear that they also read her profil like: "Hey X, just stumbled on your profil. I'm a fan of X too. Just saw/heard/read the game/new song/new book. How about you? Are you going to see/read/... them/it this summer?"

    Something like that... basicly what you do when you met someone face to face too. Show that you share the some interest. Be calm, ask a small question...


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