Will/can he change or shall I leave?

So I've been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. I have a 6 year old child from another relationship who my current boyfriend dotes on and loves as much as his own. The first year of our relationship was fine and happy but it soon began to become awful after my boyfriend was drunk. He never hit me but destroyed my home and belongings countless times, smashed my windows, my television etc my son has luckylybeen at other family members homes when this happened. I recently withdrew a police statement that was going to end up giving in 6 months in jail. Because we really wanted to make things better. Last week it got so much worse... a person told him I had been cheating ( such a awful lie) and my boyfriend for the first time kicked me in the arm, slapped me round the face and pushed me over-which resulted in me banging my head on a concreat step and cutting it. He is now saying the usual...im sorry.. I don't know why I did it... it won't happen again. He is currently attending anger managment which doesn't seem to be working.I don't want to leave but I have to think about my son and how many last chances can one give. help please!


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  • Leave him!

    He can change, but nobody knows if he will. That depends only on him. And he, as you know the best, is not changing now!

    Leaving him is good for almost all counts even if it is hard. It even can be impulse for him to really change. But nobody can say if that's what will happen. But when you leave him ... usually, as far as I know, this tells him on some level he does not control, that he can continue this road. Like this there is little chance that he will change. He just won't. So I want to encourage to do it. Leave him.

    • Thank you for the answers guys. I know deep down what the right thing to do is... its leave. I know I still love him and wished he would change but its getting more frequent and worse each time. I know he doesn't want to be like this but I don't want to wait around to fibd out

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  • Drunk is bad. Beating GF/Wife after some rumors without checking them is worse. You should leave him. But it depends on your heart, if you still love him, you will easy forgive to him. Be stronger, leave him as soon as you can.


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