Girls - Am I crazy for thinking this?

Ok so last night, I went out to a nightclub with a group of friends - say 10 friends.

There is this girl I like in are group but she doesn't speak good English, or at least isn't confident enough to speak with me.

It was a long night and everyone had a great time. My question obviously concerns her, she seems very distant, yet flirty in her body language and general proximity to me while dancing (in my opinion). Hips and shoulders always pointing at me while catching my eye then awkwardly looks through me. When she caught me looking at her, she would fidget with either her hair or clothes and pretend she didn't notice me looking her way.

She's also a little temperamental if she isn't getting her way, like she will closer herself off from the group and just sit on her phone if the group is in a local bar just chilling. Seen again last night, when another mutual friend wanted me to talk to another girl for him - she just turned around and left me there.

The party went on long into the night, six the next morning. She does this hot/cold thing where she says little inside jokes to me, then playfully pushes me when I yawned and yet almost looks through me when I try to engage with her on any other level. So I obviously didn't know whether to dance with her more or not.

She had to keep a close eye on a mutual friend, who was too damn drunk and annoyed a lot of club goers. This obviously didn't help me either.

A mutual friend who I trust said that she is kind of conceited in his opinion,yet somehow shy but that she's the type that knows she's sought after, but I'm not convinced yet.

So my question is - do you think she likes me or should I even bother at this stage.

Thanks :-)


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  • Sweety just avoid women like that. Either she is crazy or playing games either way just let the crush go and move on to someone a little less weird around you.


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  • i don't understand my boyfriend, as sometimes his accent can be too strong for me to decipher what he is saying, we speak with our eyes

    • If that is the case then why not say it to him, I'd certainly appreciate it if that was the problem and she told me. By the way I love the link.

  • Not speaking any language can make someone be nice to Everyone lol you may have took her being nice to something it wasn't. Happened to me a lot in germany and I had guys tell my friends I was being a flirty tease lol wtf

  • even if she does maybe like you(which it seems like she's a little bit of a flirt) , would you want to be with someone who is conceited? Before you mentioned she was conceited I could already tell and girls like that aren't much fun to be around... I wouldn't bother:/ you can find someone better who you can actually understand! :D


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