Mixed messages!!!!

ok so this guy we text every single day ALL day from like the time we get up to the time we fall asleep which is usually when we accidentally close our eyes we at like one I the morning. and his roommate tells me he talks about me a lot (in a good way) and we flirt al ot. yet sometimes he says comments that I don't really like to me and we jokingly diss each other a lot but I don't know if he is actually joking sometime and means it. and now he keeps trying to dig into my sex life and find out things. I don't know if he likes me like everyone says or what. what do you think?


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  • He likes you he's just a douche. He playin the asshole card and apparently not well. He might be intimidated by you. Is he different when he is texting, than he is when you chill with him in person? That would definitely mean you intimidate him in person, but he likes you cause he texts so much. He might just get nervous in person. I don't text girls unless I like them most the time, and definitely not more than a few times if we are just friends.

    • Well in person it depends if we are alone. if we are alone he never disses me and acts all gentleman like. but than when its in front of one our other friends and this one guy who is a real ass he like sometimes makes fun of me until he realizes I am pissed.

  • this happened to a two friends of mine, they texted like you two do, and nothing really came of it, are you two close, or just kind of like new as friends. I'd say ask him how he feels about you, and tell him to stop saying mean things about you

    • We were somewhat of friends up until christmas break than we came back from christmas break and everything was different and the texting and flirting started

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