What do you talk about when you're on a date? (For the poll: how awkward is the date usually?)

Once the small talk runs out, what do you talk about?

And for the poll, when you're on the date, on a scale of 1-10, with one being the least awkward and 10 being the most awkward, how awkward are most of your dates?

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  • I like first dates where you are NOT seated, but rather walking around, as it feels less formal. A thrift shop, an art fair or something else that has lots of other people or attractions which you can point at and start a conversation on are the best IMO. My first dates are rarely awkward unless I run by a girl who truly doesn't know how to hold a conversation, even with prompting. That's usually not a problem though if you pick the right venue.


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  • They are never truly awkward. Because I make a conscious effort to be myself. There is very little small talk either. We just talk about everything that comes to mind. There is no shortage of topics. In many instances, with ladies that are not very smart, I understand pretty quickly that there's going to be nothing in the future. Usually this happens within the first 30 minutes. There are cases when it is extremely difficult to figure out a person. Some intelligent people are unable to show their intelligence (or unwilling for that matter). It may take a long time to get a glimpse ofhe person's inner world.

    • There's quite often a shortage of topics for me :(

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    • I would, but I know almost no girls my age :( :( :(. Motherf*cking all boys' schools... hate this part about them. Although my school does give me a good education.

    • Yes, that is really sad. I use online dating sites. But they are very difficult to handle. A lot of disappointments. Special interest groups can actually be a choice to explore. Obviously, you'll have to look for those where both sexes take part.

  • Instead of talking, listen to what he wants to tell you ;)

  • Talk about things either of you are passionate about.