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A couple days ago, I texted this guy "Paul", I was with my other friend "Lisa". lisa and I were watching scary movies and I said to Paul I wish I wasn't alone. he replied saying I thought you were with Lisa? I then said, yes but I can't cuddle with her, then I asked if he likes scary movies. he replied I prefer action. I was hinting to him that we should watch movies and cuddle. so I replied saying how that went way over his head and to reread the message. he said oh I think I get it, what were you hinting at?

he pretty much kept telling me he'd rather hear what I was hinting at from me .. but I never told him because I don't want to flat out tell him what I meant when he knows what I meant.

sorry for the length; and any confusion, but could this mean he wants to see if he's right because if he's wrong he'll look like an idiot for saying "you like me and wanna watch scary movies and cuddle with me?"

this isn't the first time either that he has asked me about my 'hints' when I make them pretty obvious.


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  • if he does not get that hint, then he is not smart enough for you haha