Guys are intimidated by me?

Can this be true?I am 23 and have been single for a year after coming out of a three year relationship,he was my first boyfriend.My confidence has really taken a nose dive as I never get approached by men.My best friend who is a guy a few of mu girlfriends have suggested that guys are intimidated by me and that because I am beautiful assume I'm spoken for.Can this be true or are they just trying to make me feel better>


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  • It's not impossible. Not having a picture to go by one can only guess but that's usually one of the reasons that guys don't approach an attractive girl; the assumption that you're out of their league.

  • Ok, two things make my brain go off... #1. you said that your confidence has taken a nose dive. That can and does affect how you carry yourself. #2. Your guy friend is probably correct in thinking every other guy thinks you're dating / in a relationship.

    Smile more and try to approach / flirt with guys.


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