Should I give it a chance?

One night me and my friend went to a club but left because it wasn't fun there. I was walking home with her and then 2 guys said hello to us. Then we conversed a bit and I gave him my number.. he tried to set up to meet but I've never really gone out on a date before so hesitated for about a week (I was sick also) Finally we went out to the lake together and just sat there and talked.

A few days later I asked " Are you busy tonight?" and he said he wasn't and invited me to go to his area of town for a walk but we ended up going to dinner.. he invited me back to his place but his roommates was in front of the house and I was afraid to go in (I wasn't going to anyway because it's an unwise choice) We went to a bar after and talked. After, he walked me to a bus station and but his arms around me but I got out of it but he did it again and I stuck with it ^.^ We hugged for a long time at the bus stop then he tried to kiss me but I resisted...

The reason: he is not from this area and was working on a work visa for one year. He told me he has to go back to his country in 2 weeks but will come back (or he says he will).

So we kept hugging and I said I don't think I should see him again.. he asked why and I said " I don't think you'll like me" but he said " I do like you..." Then we parted ways.

I couldn't resist so I sent him a message " I want to see you again" and he called me the next night and said he was with his friends and the next day he has to go to a friend party. I just told him to call me and he said he will. Then I felt afraid and I changed my number but then texted him " this is my new number " a few days later.

I don't want to initiate us meeting. I want him to call me instead... We basically went out on 2 dates... but he's not from here... I'm not even sure if he likes what now?


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  • Those who are interested will always contact you. But maybe it's better you find someone who you can actually spend time with.


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  • Haha girl, I think you are being all crazy honestly. This guys is already like WTH is up with this girl? You should find a more stable boyfriend who's not going to be moving away. And one that you can trust more and not keep going back and forth between avoiding him and chasing him.