How to convince a guy that I really appreciate his advice?

A coworker has been helping me try and come up with ways to tell another coworker that I am not interested;. I have also asked him about a couple other things as well. I told him it wasr eally nice to have him to talk to if I needed anything, and his reply was, "I don't believe you."

Does he not think I appreciate his help? what can I do to let him know it is?


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  • He sounds like he is trying to "help" because he wants you to be interested in HIM. Saying "I don't believe you" prolongs the conversation. If he said "You're welcome", he wouldn't have any reason to keep talking to you. This way, he can flirt.

    • hmmm never thought of it that way. I thought maybe he had insecurity problems or something along that line but what you say makes sense. thank you

    • I don't believe you.


    • ha ha touche.

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