Was it a one-time make out?

So, a guy asks me to hang out, and then has to cancel. So the next time he texts me to hang out it's to hang with him and his friend and his friends girl while they swim in his pool. So I go over (I've known this guy for a couple of years, he's a year younger, and he's just graduated high school) and he gives me a hug hello, then I go swimming with them and at first he keeps his distance, but then we start goofing around and he basically ends up carrying me around to pool, picking me up, holding me and whatnot. When his friends leave he asks for a kiss, I joke around saying he's gotta earn one of those. long story short we end up making out in his pool, then again after I change and we are chilling on the deck, then again on his swing set a little while after that. He kept asking me if I was having a good time and I would say yes. We didn't have enough time to play cards but he said we would next time.

It's been two days and he hasn't texted me since we said see ya that night. Was it a one time make out sesh?

I know he's been interested in me before, I just never really went with it until then. I don't want to be the one to text first, Because isn't that clingy?


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  • I think yo ucan text him first but only if you want to. No I don't think it would make you seem clingy depending on what you text him. Just text him something casual like hey what's up or how are you doing? Or something like that. Well two days isn't that much time maybe he might want to hang out again. I think you have to give it some time and see what happens. It could of just been a make out session thing. If you hang out with him again then you will have to see if it was a one time thing or not. I think guys like to play the texting thing cool and they wait days before texting a girl. That isn't true all the time.

    • i texted him just saying what's up, he didn't give much to go on, so I asked him to entertain me with something funny, like a funny story as if I was bored to get the convo started. he couldn't think of anything. So I just did the whole ask you question, you ask back thing and he's giving me kinda short answers and started shooting back my questions with "what about u". I can't tell if he thinks I'm boring or not.. I'd rather not make the guy talk to me if he thinks I'm boring.

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    • yeah, I know! not cool. guess the only thing to do is to answer whenever he texts, just for the sake of answering, or not text back at all and see if that makes him tell me what's actually up even though I doubt that will.

    • Yeah your right you can either answer his texts when you feel like it or you don't have to answer or not text back and sees what happens. And your right again I don't think he would tell you what's up. He seems to just like texting you randomly for some reason. I think it's weird that he texts random. He is going to miss you when you go to school. At least he can randomly text you. He doesn't really say how he feels and he doesn't express himself.

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