Would it be a bad idea to meet him? Take things further?

I was bored one night and went on yahoo chat. I was messaged by a guy and we talked briefly. We added each other as friends and for the last two months we have talked daily. Most of the time he initiates. We talk about sex sometimes but mostly it is about our days, what we are doing, etc. He says he's never had sex without a relationship. I do like him but he lives several hours away. It isn't possible for me to have a relationship right now. He says he understands that. I tell him that people don't talk like this to just have sex. Everyday though there is a message. I have told him there are other places to meet women. He tells me he is too busy to do it. I tell him he could use the time that he uses to talk to me to find someone. He is very successful and has a lot of friends. He just laughs it off. I do enjoy talking to him. I am going through some things health wise and sometimes I get downright depressed. I am sure this would scare him away, but it doesn't. He always says something to try and cheer me up or make me laugh. We talk about his ex who wants him back. What is going on here? Would it be a bad idea to meet him? Take things further?


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  • He needs to come where you are not vice versa or meet halfway. That would be the best way to find out if he's being straight with you. Offer to buy dinner to compensate for his cost. I'll yachat w you, and I don't want anything


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