How to make a guy mad?

It's not like I would want to, but there's thing guy I'm talking to and he gets mad at me for being sad. I don't want him to be mad, but if he has a hard time controlling himself then I am going to have to stop talking to him a lot less often. I don't know what else to do anymore...


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  • He doesn't sound like a very nice guy for being mad at you for being sad he should be asking if you're OK and supporting you. I think he sounds like a selfish jerk you would be better off not to speak to him if he's going to be like it he sounds like he only thinks about him self and doesn't seem to care about you're feelings ditch the as*hole you deserve better.

    • Aww, thank you. :)

      I feel better now. <3

      Dang, I know. He is such a jerk... I thought he was different... but I guess some guys are just good at seeming to be different than the rest. I guess he's just like most guys. *sigh*

    • You're welcome :) <3 yeah he is yeah some guys are good at doing that :(

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