Does it mean anything if I usually text him first?

Me and my guy friend talk a lot, usually via texting. In the beginning he was usually the one that texted first, now it seems like I am.

He always answers pretty fast, he continues the conversations, asks questions, etc...and we talk for hours.

He's told me on several occasions that he enjoys talking to me, that I don't annoy him in the least and how he doesn't talk to anyone else this much.

I've tried going a few days here and there to see if he initiates contact but he never does. Does this mean anything that he doesn't?


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  • Nope, all it means is that he's come to expect you texting first. If you want him to do so first just end your convo with "text me tomorrow" or something like that


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  • Based on everything else you said, it doesn't seem like a big deal. He still seems interested in talking to you. But I know how you feel. Having him text you first is reassurance that he wants to talk to you.

    Do you like him as more than a friend?

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