Lost in Translation...or Coy-ness?

Well back in April I told him how I felt, now he knows how I feel but I freaked and said to him that while we were talking I decided it was just a spur of the moment thing. When I told him I liked him he told me something like "i don't know how or where those feeling are for you" or something like that. moreover, he said that he finds me attractive and he's attracted to me, then started to list off things " I'm beautiful, amazing eyes, and I have a amazing singing voice", moreover we decided to act like adults and treat the situation. But he did say this when I mentioned similar features, he said "imagine what our kid would look like..." Which threw me off balance, after that semi-rejection.

We had a friendiversary (our one year) a few months ago. and oddly it FELT like a date, we had a great time, chatted. had dinner...almost too perfect.

Now I've come to terms with reality, and I know I'm either reading to much into it or there is something he's denying..

Moreover, he notices if my hair is a different color, style or if I've done anything new to it. he notices these little details and if I tell him a problem he gets very protective.

So today we had lunch and it was a good start to the week, it was almost romantic, I mentioned earlier to him that I was seeing someone and he asked me the who, what, when, where and how. It was like he was sizing up the other guy...also, he asked me if I wanted kids further down the road..Suffice to say it was a good 2 hours.

We took a stroll afterward and when he left he thanked me and hugged me...longer than usual. I feel the initial connection, and we have one, also chemistry. and when were with people he focus on me and solely me.

Now I need your input am I going all gaga or does it seem like there is something there...

Sorry for the length of the Question!?!

I REALLY am currently seeing someone...
update. First Skype date was yesterday and it was 30 of the most glorious minutes of my summer. He's in japan so its like 6 am his vs time 5 pm my time. ...i was the first thing he saw in the morning... )

We talked and he saw my new hair color which he likes... :D and we both couldn't stop smiling... I am sending him a care package...when I get an address..

Any advice?


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  • I think there is definitely something there! You need to be totally honest with about how you feel. You never, he could be the right guy for you and the other guy just reinforces that. The fact that you are merely asking the "is there something there?" question says that you clearly care a lot for him, otherwise you wouldn't be asking. He does like u, otherwise he wouldn't have asked you those questions about the guy, would he? You know all of this already. You need to put all your fears aside and think of him solely as he does with u. The signs are all there, you just need to figure out what to do with them. You need to decide if he is worth the risk and exactly how you feel about him before either of you get hurt. But the signs are all there. I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together lol. Good luck! ;) xx

    • I did tell him, but I freaked and lied that I acted on impulse...now he's leaving to japan in aug, could it possibly be "i don't wanna due to long distance.." thing he's doing.

    • Possibly but shouldn't you give it a shot? You really don't want to be missing out on Mr.Right even if it is long distance. If he cares about you as much as it seems to me, then it won't be as hard as you think it might be. Give it a chance! You have no idea what amazing things could happen :) (sorry, lol, I'm bit of a hopeless romantic! :P...can't help it really.)

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  • I think both of you need to sack up and get the courage to share exactly how you feel for one another, excuse my bluntness. Don't be afraid of getting hurt or being vulnerable, you HAVE to speak your mind an be completely honest abou how you feel about him, whether he feels the same way or not, otherwise you will spend years in this friendship limbo, always wondering maybe, what if, could be, etc. You're putting yourself through a vicious cycle, end it by telling him how you feel. He's either really into you, which it clearly seems but he's afraid to share his feelings, or he's not which is unlikely given your explanation.

    • the day I told him I liked him was the day he got a message from japan that he was accepted to teach there...could that play in the mix.?

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    • ...its just all of this is bombardment...and I've liked him since I met him. I have 3 more weeks with him till he leaves for a year...so I should make it count...


    • @Update: See, I told you everything would be fine I'd you told him how you felt! I don't think you need any advice, sounds like you're doing great. Just let him know that he has someone that cares for him and is waiting for him to return (meaning you haha).

  • indeed very long story...

    Wonder what other sign you are waiting for...

    Don't understand what you tried to prove telling him you see another guy.

    You can loose him playing this kind of game.

    Cheers and run!

    • i am seeing a guy. lol. in reality.

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