GUYS! How would you try to let someone know you like them?

If you were shy how would you try to let someone know you like'em?


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  • Are you asking how a guy would do it if he were shy, or how you should do it if you're shy?

    OK, I'll assume the first question:

    Try to find as many ways as possible to spend time with her, because certainly nothing is going to happen if you two aren't around each other. Some people dig the online communication, but to me, it's gotta be physically in-person or it doesn't count.

    Next, the guy is going to be as generous as possible with her, always trying to make a good impression. Finally, he'll drop hints whenever there's an opportunity to do so.

    The #1 rule though is to never lie, even if you're shy. Don't ever hide your feelings. This goes for you as well, if you were asking that second question. You don't have to come out "guns a blazing" as one of the other answers suggest. Keep in mind that the unspoken truth is a powerful thing! So long as it's true, of course.

    And I'm not saying to give in to fear. Quite the contrary I'm saying to replace it with something else. Like faith that you two will be together if it was meant to happen, faith that he won't just walk away from you tomorrow. As soon as you remove the reason for the fear, the fear itself will go, and I believe that over time you will be able to tell him or her. And that assumes that there's this big secret...that they don't already know, which if you're doing what I'm saying...wearing your heart on your sleeve...there probably won't be a big secret.


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  • first giving up that crap about being courageous and ask him to grab a bite with you.

    1. know your fear but don't be them

    2. acknowledge your fear

    3. Still take the action and don't let your fear stop you

    worst thing he can say is no thanks...but you overcome something doing it.

    • sounds like getting ready for a battle lol

      The dude's a real good friend and let's rejection wouldn't be the worst, but the awkwardness after would just be too "awkward".

    • eye contact and smiling more than usually tell me that you might be interested in me...but don't be creepy haha...only will work if he not stupid and shy.

    • hmm the few times we met, there was a lot of smiling and eye contact since we were actually talking xD

  • try some physical contact, hugg him, touch him when you talk, smile a lot, things like these would drop him a hint.

    This won't work if he's shy too, than it's just a waiting game for who gathers the balls first.


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