Do I text him? Or Should I just move on?

A year of love he was truly dedicated wrote love letters held the door. All the little things women want. I broke up with him 5 times, each time I knew it was not going to end. Then we graduated before that we had gotten in a fight because he had lied to me about going to parties. This summer he got really into drugs raves and parties not just weed anymore. He wanted a break after to get his stuff together. When he told me this I broke down he saw me weep and cry out. We hooked up again he went to a rave and he got mad for me telling him we had to be fair that whatever he did I would do. He said to leave him alone. He has not answered me. Should I make him confront me or just move on?


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  • Okay well I understand your confusion and it makes since. You should;t have to stay broked up from this guy, but you also need to set the stage that your not some girl who he can come back to whenever.

    You can watch this video that talks about girls that deal with the same issue as you.

    Find out what to do about it in the Video it's real short.

    Video HERE

    • Where is the video? So I should text him?

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  • Text him and then move on.


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  • move on

    • It's hard to but thanks

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    • Yeah he says I will be his only one and he won't love again etc

    • It's up to you if you want to stay but then again there's always those reasons why you left so many times in the first place