Guys, what does it mean when you call a girl odd?

guy I have slept with a few times, told me to stop sleeping with boys after sex, what does this mean? then cos I flipped he had a look on his face when I was leaving, I was suddenly fine and smiley and he called me odd what does this mean?


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  • I don't know if I understand the situation...

    He told you to "stop having sex with boys" shortly after you had sex with him?

    I'd be more curious to know what "that" means, if I'm understanding this correctly. Him calling you odd seems trivial to me.

    • he knows exactly how many people I have slept with & its not many I think that could have been why! why would you say that to a girl from your point of view?

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    • So... am I getting this right?

      First you had sex with him. Then you said you didn't like him. Then he asked you to leave because his feelings were hurt. Then you did leave. Then he came out and asked if you were OK. Then you said yes and smiled at him like nothing had happened.

      Is that about right? If so, yeah, that situation is a little odd. Confusing that you'd have sex with him if you didn't like him, but that's not unheard of. Odd that you're chipper after an argument as well.

    • his feelings werent hurt trust me! he doesn't care! he was just being a d*** that's why I went a bit mad! its kind of a friends with benefits situtation but he thinks I like him and he did before he slept with me that night! he's in the wrong cos he shouldn't be sleeping with a girl he has no feelings for but thinks they do...hes heartless

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  • Hmm. Well.. yea, I'd consider it unusual if a girl was smiley and bubbly after telling me she didn't like me! Was that true? And.. if it was just a joke, maybe he believed it a bit, hm?

    • at one point I did like him, but I don't anymore I was annoyed that he thought I liked him! I appeared cheery afterward cos I didn't want it to be awkward in the future as we are friends and hang out in the same group! but he didn't believe me when I said I didnt

    • Well, you're definitely giving mixed signals.

    • i know, I need to sort it, should I just tell him I like him, it would keep him away?

  • Waaaay not specific enough in what actually happened, girl. There's no way to judge. It could be everything from 'You freak me out' to 'wow, you're weird in a really cute way'. Give us more detail!

    • he asked me if I liked him, I said no! then he asked me to leave and I left the room got changed and he was waiting outside the bathroom for me, he asked if I was OK I said yes and was smiley, then he gave me a funny look (not a horrible one) I asked why he was looking at me like that and he said your odd smiling ...what do you think he mean?

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