How long do your dates usually last?

When you go on a date, how long does it usually last? (That is, a date with someone who's not your girlfriend - yet ;) .)

  • Half an hour
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  • 30 minutes to an hour
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  • One to two hours
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  • More than two hours
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Is there anything wrong with having a shorter date?


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  • I like 1-2 hours to start off. If I really click with a person it can go longer, but if it's just OK I'd rather not draw things out and I'll let them know that I've got to get home.


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  • All of the dates I went on with my current girlfriend before we were "official" were over 2 hours

  • Depends on what we are doing and how much we are getting along. It has been anywhere from 5 minutes (We were going to kill each other if we hung out any longer) to 6 hours (Really bonded and time didn't matter).

  • 1-2 hrs; The girl got a curfew XD

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