Why is this man asking me about kids?

I already have two children and this guy and I who aren't really a couple but see one another frequently, anyway he also just had a child with his ex...today we saw one another after not seeing each other for almost a month and he asked me if I wanted more children.I don't know if I want anymore and I told him that the next time I have a child it'll be with someone that I would stay grounded with, married. Why would he even ask me? Is he looking for more of a future with us?


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  • Could be. When I worked with women who have kids (and are single), the subject comes up. And I have gone out with women who have them. I may not know where.we.are.headed, but it could be a factor in seeing a person.

    Just go with the flow, see what else he wonders. He could have thought he was making small talk.

    • Yea he could've. He was just adamant about me having more and really questioned me...he kept saying what if you feel in love again?

    • Sounds like interest. You have two, he one. May be wondering. I know one guy had two, she had two, they decided on one more when they got settled (but talked it over before hand). See what happens...

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