How should I respond to his message?

Long story short, this guy had a huge crush on me in my senior year of high school when he was a junior. He made it obvious, but I always acted stupid when he'd flirt because I didn't feel that way about him and I had feelings for someone else. And it was also a combination of kind of being afraid of dating because I'd never had a boyfriend then and I still never have. I'm really shy and it's always scared me a little. The guy I really liked ended up with a different girl and I was really upset about it.

On the last day of school the junior texted me, telling me he liked me and that he wanted to take me on a date. I told him I wasn't wanting to date at that time and he said okay. He made a Facebook a few weeks later and friended me. I was scared he was going to try and ask me out again, so I didn't accept his request. I know, it was mean to do, but I wasn't thinking and was really emotional. I've been feeling guilty about it lately and finally accepted it, a year later. I realized how awful it was of me to hurt him by turning him down and then cutting him off like that.

I messaged him a few days later and asked how he was doing. He asked me how college was, so I told him. Then I asked him what his plans are now that he's done with high school. He said "going on a road trip, then settling into college, and as corny as it sounds, searching the long search for "the one."

I'm not sure how to respond. Should I just ask him questions back like "where are you going on your road trip?, where are you going to college?" and maybe something like "aw, you're so young. Don't worry so much about finding "the one" yet. You've got plenty of time."

I don't know what to say because I still don't know for sure if I'd ever want to be more than friends. And I'm not sure he still likes me. Should I reply to all the things he said or say something else? Or ask something else? Like change the subject?


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  • Seems like you need to think about if you could ever see yourself with him first of all.


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