The guy I'm seeing wants to be friends?

I've been seeing this guy for over a month but we live in different states. He would start texting me as soon as he woke up and we would talk all day until we went to sleep. He was always telling me how much he liked me and wanted something serious and for me to consider moving closer to him. We would try to see each other as much as possible.

One day he was always all over me and wouldn't stop touching and looking at me and telling me how much he's glad he met me. The next day he called and said that he doesn't have feelings for me and doesn't think it will go anywhere and wants to be friends because I'm an amazing girl and wants me in his life and started texting me a few hours later like we were friends.

I am so confused, he really hurt me and I really like him. My gut tells me that he was lying because he's worried about the distance. I would really appreciate an outside perspective. Thanks

He lives 3-4 hours away by car but takes me about 6 hours with the train. He said that really bothered him and deserve someone better.


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  • It's really hard to say, something may have happened to make him think this way.. But it does seem like he is realizing long distance is extremely hard, but still 'wants you in his life'. I would feel pretty bad about making the person I love go 6 hours to see me. Anyway, if you think this could work and you could potentially move in with him? Because it seems like he may not want to leave. Say something telling him how he is well worth the small trip and you know you can never feel this way about anyone else.

    • The thing is that he told me this after he had to get a second job that would take up all his weekends for a while and doesn't want me spending money and all that time traveling. I asked him to give me a few days to think. Should I wait for him to contact me first? What do you suggest if he doesn't? I think he's worth it and want to give it a chance but I don't want to force him either.

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