He won't tell me I'm the best girlfriend he's had?

I've told my boyfriend a few times that he's the best boyfriend I've ever had. He has never said back that I'm the best girlfriend he's ever had. I asked him about this a while ago and he said he didn't say I was the best because he was in a long relationship and even though it wasn't the best it lasted a long time. I know that she didn't treat him very well, and ended up cheating on him. Now I've been dating him approximately the same amount of time as her. I always do little things for him and he tells me I'm the sweetest all the time, but I'm still not the best girlfriend he's had? What gives?


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  • 1.) just because he hasn't said it doesn't mean you are. 2.) you aren't anymore because you asked a horrible question and came off to pushy and needy 3.) just deal with it oh well he hasn't said it actions speak louder then words look at his actions for approval


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  • That's one way to push a guy away. Do you want him to say it or to think it? Stop trying to force him to say it because I can tell you if he says just to get you to shut up then he most definitely won't mean it. Stop trying to compare your relationship with that of his ex. She's his ex, its over, what are you jealous of?

  • No offense hun, but apparently it's because he doesn't truly feel like you're the best girlfriend he's ever had. Don't try to force him to say something he doesn't mean for the sake of just hearing him say it.

  • This is a really petty issue. He probably thinks you're a crazy person now...

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