I am disappointed and should I try something else?

The words come from my boyfriend's mouth would merely come true. I mean he always say "I try...I think.." but he never do that. I feel rather disappointed at him all the time and I start to get used to not giving hope on him. I don't want to blame on him all the time, Because it would make the relationship negative, should I try something else to make him realize how bad it is when you say sth but not doing it? or should I just talk to him again and again?

The words come from my boyfriend's mouth would almost NOT come true.


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  • This is one of things I left my ex for - breaking promises and saying things he never meant. He used to talk the talk, but would seldom walk the walk. At first, I used to believe him but soonafter I recognized that I was fooled by him and his mind game tricks he played on me.

    Such guys know how to pick their preys. The run after girls who are naive, emotional and would believe their crap. They use their mind games to control us and of course we believe everything they say.

    They always say how much they love us, how important we are to them, etc...but their actions say something else. You wouldn't feel like they REALLY care as they say they do. You wouldn't feel THAT important as they say we are.

    Breaking promises will never end my dear. Telling lies will never end either. You better find yourself a better man. Don't be afraid to leave. It took me a while to man up and leave and I've never felt better. I was emotionally abused by him like you are being abused by your bf.

    Now I have peace in my mind.

    Hope this helps.

    • I was crying today,so sad. I don't know if he's playing. Sometimes he's just so honest and will do it right away.We are in distance, and it makes worse. I don't want to lose him. Sometimes when I say stupid things, he fly to meet me. I don't want to lose him.but I am really not happy

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    • He knows that I have my own life, and he always want me to quit my job and be with him. He even said, I don't love him that much and I don't need him. But I can't just quit my job and be with him...it's not that easy.He just wants that, though we all think it's a little crazy since we've been together for 3 months

    • It's a form of control. He wants to close you from the whole world. He wants you to ditch your friends, quit your job and get rid of your family so he can easily control you. I advise you to leave him very soon. My ex destroyed me like your bf.

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  • The most important thing I've ever learned in my relationship experiences: if his actions don't match his words it's time to leave!

  • if he promises and fails, then you will always have that from him. Talking doesn't do too much, It has to be there already. Find in time a different man.

    • always have that from him? Do you mean he will always like that? or should I talk to him or teach him a lesson?