How to downplay me talking too much?

I met a girl, instantly we went on the date and it was great.

Five hours later I met her in the bus. We talked (I talked) and then she asked me do you have "an ipod or online Facebook" (which meant you talk too much lol)

I was hyper all day.

What should I text her tomorrow to downplay me talking too much?

Should I say something like "I by accident ate a weed browny last night" ha ha or what else?


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  • better to ignore it altogether. Confident guys usually act like they never make mistakes and when they do they play it off like its the girls problem for being weird about it.

    • I don't know if this is actually a best answer or I am the only one who thinks its good but I like it!

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  • Really don't know man, need to ask her about herself and just stfu a lot of the time.

    • I am socially retarded. I either don't at talk or talk too much lol

      I just want to turn it into a joke. Any idea how I can downplay it?

    • Yeah I never really talked now I gauge it really well based on the person, need to really focus on making sure they say around equal or more of what you say, or if it is a girl pretty much more if you want to make a good impresson just ask questions.

      I wouldn't say a weed brownie unless you know she smokes or you know she doesn't look down on it. Only thing I can really think of is I had to stay up/ couldn't sleep last night so to stay awake today I have been taking energy drinks like M&M's.