Did I do the right thing?

My ex and I broke up awhile ago but we started talking about 2 months ago. He lives in another state, he admitted he still had feelings for me and he wanted me to come see him. We had been talking a lot then he started talking less and bailing on me he did it 3 times. I was getting a little annoyed by it. I called him out on it which started a fight. He didn't speak to me until I texted him and asked if I should cancel my trip. He said yes, I asked why and he said he didn't think it be a good idea and all we'd do was argue. Now he was the one wanting me to come see him. I didn't think that the argument was that bad, I was trying to tell him I didn't want to be treated like an after thought. He would wait till the last minute to tell me he couldn't do something even though it was planned all day. So I got angry when he said yes to cancel my trip. I told him I was done with him and that I was tired of the BS and him saying things he didn't mean. All he said was "I'm sorry that's all I can say" I told him not to apologize when he doesn't mean it. So did I do the right thing? And why would he say "I'm sorry that's all I can say"?


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  • Geez, move on and get a life, find another bf/gf.