Should I feel guilty?

I am in a "it's complicated" type of thing with a guy that I really do like a lot and am not going to mess around behind his back (a crush from long ago, that I am talking with a lot more again). On FB, a handsome guy that I had one night of kissing with, is now on my list too. My friend was teasing me about being naughty. Should I feel bad about having this guy on my list too? Seriously, we had one night about 7 years ago and he lives two hours away from me. I really like my guy I am with and do not plan to mess things up there.


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  • if you'd be OK if your guy would do the same, then your fine.

    • His ex girlfriend that he was with all through high school is on there. It's a bit uncomfortable, but nothing that kills me. She's married after all. My ex fling is divorced but nowhere near me.

    • depends on what you all talk about!

    • Just talking about where we are in life now, having kids, etc. We are not flirting.

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