How do you know if you're on a date?

ok... this I know might be a stupid question but I hung out with a guy I haven't seen since high school a few weeks ago and now all of my friends are telling me it was a date... he said do you wanna "chill" when he asked me so I don't know maybe I'm clueless because I had a long term relationship and I haven't gone out with many people


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  • haha this happened to me too. this guy asked me if I wanted to "hang" with him one day, and I was like sure cause I thought of him as a friend not close but still friend and there's nothing wrong with hanging with a friend right? haha...i wondered if it was something more but thought nahh it's just friends hanging out but then when I went he was like giving me compliments, trying to flirt and touch me etc.. and then I realized to him it was a date...

    so I would say it depends on what you guys did, how did he act around you etc...but I think most of the time if it's two people it could be a date...unless stated it's strictly just hanging out...

    • Yeah we were supposed to go bowling but we ended up going to a movie... I didn't think much of it until he was telling me he was scared of rejection and telling me he was a gentlemen and stuff like that and he said that he doesn't try anything when he first takes a girl out...

  • i don't think you can know unless he asks you out in a way that will tell "will you go out with me?".. but I think before he even asks you out you could pick up the signs that he might like you.. if he tries flirting a bit.. or gets a bit touchy in he touches your shoulder or waist..oh or if he pokes you playfully..if he compliments you loads..

    like for me I didn't realize a guy liked me until we were mid-date.. and wheni put it all together.. I realized omg that was so obvious.