Have you ever dated someone with epilepsy? and if you have how was your experience?

Im 25, when I was 15 I had two seizures and diagnosed with epilepsy/. I've only had two girlfriends and now I've been single for about three years. I never told them my medical history because I was afraid that they would feel weird and just leave. I'm have been on medication since and will most likely be on them for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel different and that's why I don't want to date for the fear of their reaction if I ever told them. When I like someone, I wont' approach that person because I feel that I have a disorder and it will be a turnoff and I'm not good enough for that person. because I have this disorder and I'm different. I was wondering if anybody here has dated someone with epilepsy and how did your partner react when you told him/her? Did you feel different afterward? Did it change your relationship? thanks in advance


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  • You had 2 seizures 10 years ago and are on medication. That means your epilepsy is stabilized.

    You might have another seizure in exceptional circumstances. ( too much drinking, high stress, electric shock, overoxygenation, but as long as you take your medication you are safe now. Absolutely no reason not to date.

    You might ask a medical advice before considering having children: in some cases it's hereditary, in other cases not. (do your parents have it? Traumatic epilepsy never is, of course. Examples are epilepsy caused by an accident or by forceps at your birth)

    It's no worse a problem than diabetes and much less worrying than an addiction or a hearth condition. You can live a 100% happy life without any problem. Just refrain on alcohol. Scuba- or apnee diving might not be a good idea

    Date as much as you like and tell it gradually, matter of fact way once the woman has experienced your behaviour is normal. Chances are, she knows or knew other people with epilepsy: about 1 in every 25 Americans (and Europeans) has epilepsy.


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  • I cracked my skull when I was 15 and for 3 years I was having seizures all the time. I never had a problem with dating. And if things were going well and I knew we would be hanging out again I would tell them on the first date incase I had one they would know what to do. It's not weird. That's like someone not dating me because of my diabetes. Nobody has ever felt weird about me checking my blood and stuff. I don't know any girl who would have a problem with you having epilepsy. I think you're thinking about it too much and getting self conscious. Seriously, don't worry at all.

  • My boyfriend has had epilepsy ever since I've known him, a head injury from a car accident. We've been together for 13 years and he is the most intelligent , funny person I know. When I found out he had epilepsy it was scaring at first when he would have attacks. As the years went by I learned what to do when he has one. The only change was that it made us closer and I never felt weird around him. We also have a daughter and he is the best father. If you find a person that truly loves , they would be by your side no matter what.


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