Ok to text a guy after a month of no contact?

went out on a date with a guy I met through friends, had a great time (well I'm pretty awkward of a person) texted back and forth for a little, but I was staring a 2nd job and working 80 hours a week for a few weeks. he texted to see how things were and I just briefly responded. now I'm not working much at all and want to contact him...

is it OK to send him a text to see how his summer is going and see if he has any interest, or should I just assume if he wanted to talk to me he would contact me first? I know he is a nice guy who doesn't have much game, but I am never the one to pursue guys and am kinda shy so this is hard for me too. haha



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  • Sounds like you both aren't exactly the type that is going to pounce on each other. I suggest you text or call him. The worst thing he could do is say no, but if there was good chemistry there, I'm sure he'll be willing to give it a second chance. You don't have anything to loose but a quick text. If he isn't available, at least you know to move on to someone who is. Either way, you start the next chapter instead of getting stuck waiting and wondering. Go for it!


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