Text from a friend . . . more?

so I got this text from a friend of mine do you think she is in to me or just happy she's got me back?

"I know right, so happy I've got you back in my life :-) don't know what I would do without you now x" ?


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  • Seems really happy and can't really tell I could say taht too many people and not mean more just the truth


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  • She might be into you. But it all depends on the situation. Did you move away or something, and that's why she's glad she has you back?

    • we just lost contact, its so complicated its unreal

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    • Thanks, I don't know how she feels let alone me, like I said its complicated quite bad, thanks for your input :)

    • Haha I know complicated. But no problem. I hope you can figure it out

  • I think she just loves you as a friend. It could be more, but this in itself doesn't have to mean that.


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