Making out on the first date- good or bad?

is it so bad to make out (and only make out) with someone on the first date? does it ruin all chances of any relationship? and how long should you wait for said date to text you afterward before writing it off as a jerk?


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  • make out isn't that bad if the date went pretty good

    • so say you've known the guy had be interested in you before, but you give him a chance now, and towards the end of the date/hangout you make out for about an hour or two with breaks in between and you had okay conversation with a little bit of awkwardness.. and then he doesn't contact you at all afterwords. what would the reason be? he thinks you're easy or he lost interest or he's a jerk or what?

    • well id rule out easiness cause if she was really easy then he'd get p**** right away. how long has it been since the date?

    • the date was on Friday night, I texted him on sun with a cute what's up, and talked (it was so so- half interested vibe half not) for a half hour 'fore he said he had to sleep at 10:30. Said he'd ttyl, but has'nt yet.

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  • If you like the guy and are comfortable, then making out is fine. Just don't go much further than that, or he'll think you're too easy and won't take you seriously as a potential girlfriend. Only the most prudish guys would have a problem with making out on the first date.


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