If trying to talk to him just ends up making me cry, should I stop trying?

Basically since my guy friend C left for college last year he just hasn't acted the same; when I try to talk to him he gives one word answers, gets offline without even saying "goodbye" or "g2g", and sometimes he doesn't even reply to my messages. I mean if I need something or it's about school he'll reply and help me, but if I just wanna talk, like we used to, he just doesn't seem to want to. He did one time a month or so ago, but I think the only reason was because I kinda "yelled" at him earlier for getting offline twice in the same day without saying goodbye and he knew I was pissed. He was back to doing everything again in less than a week. :(

Do any of you guys have any ideas why he's been acting this way, and do you think that I should just stop trying? Cause almost every time I've tried to talk to him since he left he's made me cry(by the way he acts), and even though I love him to death, I feel like if a person is making me feel like this that maybe I just shouldn't talk to them anymore...it's not like he couldn't contact me if he wanted to, he has my info, and he obviously hasn't wanted to or he would have.

Btw this in not about trying to make him my boyfriend. I just want my friend back. I know he won't be my boyfriend, we've already talked about that.


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  • Do you truly love him? True love never fails. Yeah I'm a guy and I just said that

    • Yes, I truly love him and care about him. He's one of my best friends(or at least I thought he was).

      (btw, I think it's very sweet that your a guy and you just said that.) :)

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  • maybe he has other people in mind. ask him, maybe your relationship is hitting a slow time. He'll come around, maybe!

  • Stop trying to talk to him . Let him contact you and then see if you still want to talk then. As of right now you chasing after him isn't gonna do anything but just make you look desperate for friends. You can't force someone to talk to you

    • Well I wasn't trying to force it. I just thought we were really good friends. We used to talk all the time before he left.

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