Taking a break in my relationship (Unsure if it's over)...

I don't know where we stand but basically, my girlfriend said she just wanted to be friends with me. We talked it out and we found that what we really wanted was a break to analyze our feelings. We'd been going out 3 months, everything was great. We like the same music, we're both virgins, respect ourselves, and have tons to talk about. We would just get into really stupid minor, albeit annoying arguments about the past sometimes, (She talked to a guy before me, never went out with him but for some reason I'd bring him up every once in a while). Anyway, I realized how much I truly care about this girl. I'm in love with her and love her, and she loves me too but she doesn't think she's ready for a relationship. By relationship I mean, one that is in place towards the ultimate goal of marriage. We were just moving way too fast, but neither of us was interested in a fling. She's Muslim and I intend to be Muslim too. And in both our eyes relationships should only exist towards the ultimate (if nothing else goes wrong) goal of marriage because if that's not the goal then what is the point? Wait for the inevitable breakup? No.

She basically felt she needed to take time and do a bit of growing up before she made such a drastic decision. We agreed, that if on this 'break' she didn't feel anything or felt I was some sort of a burden to forget me. But if she ever felt she was ready, to contact me, because I honestly do love her.

Did I mess up? Is it over?

I was her first boyfriend and she was my first girlfriend.


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  • breaks are usually a good indication that its over, I would say it is over and move on but that's just me. If a girl ever said I want to take a break I usually end it right there and then, just because there is an issue that not addressed and if it isn't addressed it can't be fixed

  • It's over.

    Break in my experience always meant I am supposed to wait for her while she moves on. If I move on too then that justifies what she always knew that I wasn't serious anyway.

    Ergo: break means breaking up without having the balls to say so.