Dating advice? Majorly confused?

I've been talking to this girl for a good 2 months now. We're in the same classes etc, and she admitted she had a crush on me before we started talking. Anyway, we've been talking for a while, and blah blah blah we both admit we like each other etc. So everything is great, but then she feels we're getting too serious. We're both kinda afraid of commitment, and like, she's afraid of taking the first step going to the movies or coming down my place or whatever, she says she's not ready for the seriousness. I'm not stupid, I knew the whole "i'm not ready for a relationship" thing is a sign of a girl letting you down easy, and I demanded to know if that's what was happening. She said no, and that she's interested in me, she's just not ready for the seriousness. I really care about her, so I'm deciding to wait. But it's just so confusing, sometimes it seems like she really doesn't like me. Like she says that when we're physically together it's awkward for her, and I said it wasn't to me, but when we're on the internet and shizz it's fine. I don't know if that's her being shy? She's a quiet girl, and we're both awkward people. We've kissed and stuff before..I'm just confused what to do? She makes me think she doesn't like me, but then all of a sudden she does something that makes me think awh she has to like me. Like, her friends would leave us alone when we're together and be like "awwh, I'll leave you two alone;D" which makes me think she's told her friends about me, and her friends have told me she likes me A LOT. We both start conversations but admittedly I do it more than her. But she's not like, a girlie girl, ahd she's real shy..and she likes the hard to get game.

I'm so confused? I don't know what to do...I really like this girl. Halp?!


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  • She likes you let her know your going to be there for her , start off as friends and work ypur way through , I think if iwas jer age I'd act the same way , the awkwardness and the scared to commit thing.

    • And try to open up to her the more you open the more She will like to talk to you to make the awkward ness disappear

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