Is a physical relationship with your ex okay? How do you even begin to have that sort of relationship?

my ex and I broke up 8 months ago. I haven't been with a guy since and I don't really want a relationship. however I can't bring myself to sleep with a guy that I don't trust. my ex and I are both leaving for school in a month so I know that a relationship wouldn't work nor do I want one with him again.

is it a bad idea to have a strictly physical relationship? also, how would I even initiate something like this?


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  • I think its OK for you to have this kind of relationship. Just tell him what you said in the question. That you don't want to sleep with people you don't know. Tell him you need his help for a problem. When he ask what tell him sex. Just lay out the fact its just sex and can he do you a favor. I'm sure he will be happy to help a friend in need out!

    • i just don't know if he is the type of guy to say yes. he is a genuinely nice guy, veryyy good-looking; he could have sex whenever he wants but chooses not to... I'm actually pretty sure that I'm still the only one he's slept with. I don't know if he would even be up for just having sex. idk.

    • I'm a very nice guy too. I think if you came to me the right way and needed my help is say yes. I think you should stop doubting yourself and just ask him for help. Who knows he may need the same help as you do. If sex between the to of you was good he will be up for it.

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  • If you're both over 18, you're consenting adults, thus it's OK.

    With an ex you'll know what to expect.

    " how would I even initiate something like this?"

    Go to a show together and after that, drink a glass, then " Your place or mine for a coffee?"


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  • If you really think you can keep emotions out of it, then go for it. Coming from experience though, it didn't work for me. I was in a similar situation. There wasn't anyone else I really wanted to date, nor was I looking for a serious relationship. Like you, I had some sexual/companion needs I wanted fulfilled but not with just any loser so I started hanging out with my ex again. At the time, I trusted him and enjoyed his company, but didn't want to get back together.

    After a few weeks of this arrangment, the feelings came back and pride got in the way. I realized my ego couldn't handle hooking up with a guy who used to love me as a girlfriend and now sees me as a FWB. We got back together for a while because of it and it was a mess. No regrets but I would choose differently next time.

    • wel, as she said. they can't get back together. leaving in a month.

    • yeah being at school was the reason we broke up in the first place so there is no way in hell it would work out getting back together

    • It's not a matter of can or can't, it's your feelings and how OK with it you are. Right now you seem good with the fact that you can't get back together. After a month of sex, it might be really hard to come to terms with that. And even harder when he leaves and you wonder what and who he's doing there. If you can handle it, then go for it! It just wasn't for me.

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