Should I tell my boyfriend directly everything I want?

My boyfriend stopped telling me compliments or doing romantic things. People here gave me advice to tell him directly what I want

So I told him what I need but nothing changed. it works only if I tell him that moment what I want.

I say to him " tell me any compliment now" , or " tell me you love me" , " take me to cinema tomorrow" " reply my message within 3 hours" " don't forget about my birthday next week" " tell me that you like dinner which I prepared for you" .. etc

I say very directly and he does it, but I am not happy anyway.. tell me if it's really good method ? I am only more frustrated:(


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  • I'd pick a couple key things, and ask him if he thinks he can do THOSE things and tell him the frequency.

    Like tell him 'i would really like it if you'd tell me you love me at least daily, and take me out at least once every two weeks ... if you could do it without me reminding you, it would mean a lot to me'.

    And find out if you are not doing things he'd like.

    • yes I tried it , but it works only for a week/2 weeks then he stopped doing it because forget . So I remind him like" tell me compliment now" tell me you love me" ect.. should I try again this what you said?

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    • and how many times I can try and try again? Yes I ask him but he says he doesn't need anything, I'm good for him ( exactly I do everything for him so that's true)

    • Infinity, if you're willing too.

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